Aleksander Augustynowicz (1865-1944)

Augustynowicz studied at the Krakow School of Fine Arts under Feliks Szynalewski, Wladyslaw Luszczkiewicz, and Jan Matejko. After a stay in Munich in 1888, he toured Italy and Hungary. He lived in Lwow from 1890 to 1914, then in Zakopane to 1921, and thereafter in Poznan. Augustynowicz was a member of the Lwow Association of Polish Artists, the Warsaw Club of Polish Watercolorists, and the "Zacheta" Society of Fine Arts. His works were exhibited in Krakow, Lwow, Poznan, and Warsaw, as well as in Berlin, Vienna, London, and Munich. Although he painted a number of landscapes and genre scenes, Augustynowicz is known primarily as a portraitist. In 1937, he was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit. Augustynowicz died tragically during the Warsaw Uprising.

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