Wladyslaw Czachorski (1850-1911)

Czachorski began his studies with Rafal Hadziewicz at the Warsaw Drawing School in 1866. After a year at the Dresden Academy , he spent five years (1869-1873) at the Munich Academy studying with Hermann Anschutz, Alexander Wagner, and Karl von Piloty. Upon graduation, he received the Grand Silver Medal ( magna cum laude ). He traveled often to France, Italy and Poland, but in 1879 he settled permanently in Munich, He was a member of the Berlin Academy, and an organizer and jurist of international exhibitions. In 1893 he was awarded the Bavarian Order of Saint Michael. He participated in many exhibitions in Poland - in Warsaw, Krakow, Lwow and Lodz. A posthumous showing was held at the Warsaw "Zacheta" Society of Fine Arts in 1911.

Czachorski painted portraits, still lifes, and Shakespearean scenes such as Julliette's Funeral (1873), Hamlet (1873), and especially Hamlet receiving the Players (1875), widely recognized as his greatest work. The hallmark of Czachorski`s style , however, and the basis of his fame, are his images of beautiful young women in rich interiors, painted with great realism. He has long been regarded a master of rendering fabrics, jewelry and other details to create the atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

His paintings are found in all the larger museums of Poland, in foreign museums, for example in Lwow and Bremen, and in private collections in Poland, Germany, England, and the United States.

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