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Arts Enriched English Camp

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Kosciuszko Foundation Arts Enriched English Camp

On July 1, 20 volunteer arts educators and teaching assistants from Kent State University, the Kent Community, communities in NE Ohio, and educators from Michigan, Pennsylvania Illinois Utah, New York and North Carolina will leave for Poland to teach in the Kosciuszko Foundation Arts Enriched English Camp under the directions of Mary Kay Pieski, President of the Kosciuszko Foundation-Ohio Chapter and the American Staff Leader.  The camp is located in Nadwarcianski Grod-Zalecze, Poland from July 3 - July 21, 2010. The American staff will embark on a five- day tour of the important historical and cultural sites of Poland at the conclusion of the camp including the birthplace of Frederyk Chopin.

This year will be the 20th anniversary of the Teaching English in Poland, Christine B. Kuskowski, Director, in Poland, and it is the 2nd year that the camp has focused on an arts curriculum, developed by Ms. Pieski and Dr. Patricia Grutzmacher.  105 Polish students, ages 13 - 17 will participate in a 2 and one half-week instructional program to learn English through Art, Theatre, Music and Dance.  Instruction will also be offered in all- American sports of baseball and debate.  To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth, students and staff will create a production of The Silver Goblet, a play about Chopin, written by the late Fary Anderson.  Mrs. Anderson, noted Kent piano teacher was the mother of Fay Ann Sebaly of Kent and KSU Professor Emeritus, William Anderson of Aurora.  

The 20 Staff members, include Ohio residents Mary Kay Pieski, Tallmadge, Instrumental Music; George Bachmann, KSU Professor of Guitar; Nancy Warlop, KSU, Art; Rev. Joseph Rudjak, Youngstown, Conversation and Debate; Gwen Spitz, Canfield, Drama.  Also participating are instructors Patricia Urban, Conversation and Debate, from Michigan; Candace Rubin, Drama, from New York; Jacque Brown-Williams, Dulcimer, from North Carolina; James M. Mathesz Music from Pennsylvania and Ewe Wilczewski, Art from Illinois.

 Kent State University Teaching assistants are Michelle Luscre, Stephanie Ingram, Lauren Heuer and Emily Barger. Additional teaching assistants are Hunter Spitz from Ohio, Sabina Wozniak from Connecticut, Teddy Kent from Illinois, David Hedges and Brandon Brown from Utah and Stanton Broszka from Massachusetts.  Kent State University Undergraduate and Graduate credit is available to the Teaching Assistants for their instructional work at the camp. Credit may be arranged through Dr. Patricia Grutzmacher, The Hugh A. Glauser School of Music.

The Arts Enriched English Camp received a generous grant from The Delta Kappa Gamma International Foundation ($3,000) for dulcimers and various instruments.  Mr. Al Koproski, Kosciuszko Foundation Trustee, and Board Member of the Polish National Youth Baseball facilitated the donation from the Foundation of the baseball equipment.  The Ohio Chapter of the Kosciuszko Foundation donated all shipping costs of instruments and supplies. All Instructors and Teaching Assistants pay for their own travel expenses. For more information about the Arts Enriched English Camp contact Mary Kay Pieski at [email protected] or visit the web page www.thekf.org Programs, Summer Programs Teaching English in Poland.


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