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A biography of the Polish immigrant who would become critical in the shaping of the USA, The Peasant Prince bridges a gap between revolutionary legacies an ocean apart.  After quickly becoming a major figure in the American Revolution, Tadeusz Kosciuszko's battle strategies and fortress designs would be among those stolen by Benedict Arnold.  Upon the end of the war and after leading a ring of African-American spies in the South, Kosciuszko returned to Poland, where he would become commander in chief of his own eponymous uprising in 1794.  A hero of both Europe and the Americas, Kosciuszko is one of the most important figures in modern history.
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Legacy of the White Eagle is as much an account of the Warsaw Uprising as it is a coming-of-age tale about learning the meaning of bravery in trying times.  Julian Kulski takes us on his personal journey as a teenage freedom fighter navigating triumph and tragedy in his war-torn homeland.  

The price includes Polish language and English language versions, as well as an accompanying CD.

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Meet outstanding Polish people  painted vividly on the pages of this fascinating book. Through the perceptive observations and charming style of Kaya Mirecka Ploss you will be introduced to a host of unforgettable people, each rooted in author's native Poland. Kings and commoners, saints and eccentrics, artists and scientists, historical figures and legends, all come to life in the form of storytelling.


When the Red Army invaded Poland in 1939, 14,500 Polish army officers, police, gendarmes, and civilians were taken captive and murdered in the forests of the Soviet Union.  This would be a crime shrouded in controversy and denial for decades.  In Katyn: A Crime Without Punishment, expert historians present an in-depth story the heretofore unpublicized massacres, and demystify one of the most atrocious acts of any government. 

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The story of a group of 20th-century Poles who overcame social oppression and political isolation to become the most accomplished Himalayan climbers the world has ever known. 

The book offers an unflinching examination of the psychology of risk, the extent to which one's personality is shaped by one's time and place, the connection between nature and spirituality, and the danger of egotism. McDonald shows the lengths to which these climbers went to imbue their lives with meaning, and then asks: was it worth it?

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Smokey Joe & The General is an account of the life of a young ambitious West Point graduate, Edward L. Rowny, and the remarkable life journey he embarks upon under the guidance and inspiration of an eccentric but brilliant General, John E. Wood.

The book commences just prior to America's entrance into World War II and progresses through some of the most unforgettable conflicts in modern history, both on the field and off, culminating in the young man becoming a leading figure in the 20th century's struggle against Communism. 

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A tale of two gifted scientists and their acts of resistance during World War II, The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr. Weigl recounts a struggle for scientific integrity as well as a struggle for survival.  Rudolf Weigl, a Polish Christian, gained some security during the Nazi occupation of Lviv by his fame as the doctor who created the first typhus vaccine.  He used this security to hire other great thinkers in his lab, which became a center for resistance.  Among these was Jewish immunologist Ludwik Fleck, who risked his life to vaccinate the vulnerable prisoners of Buchenwald concentration camp.

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This is Richard Cosby's story, but it is also Rita's. It is the story of a daughter coming to understand a father whose past was too painful to share with those he loved the most, too terrible to share with a child . . . but one that he eventually revealed to the journalist. In turn, Rita convinced her father to join her in a dramatic return to his battered homeland for the first time in sixty-five years. As Rita drew these stories from her father and uncovered secrets and emotions long kept hidden, father and daughter forged a new and precious bond, deeper than either could have ever imagined.

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Though he was born and educated in Poland, Andre Pater has become the most popular contemporary sporting artist of the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.  The vibrance of his colors, the excellence of his craft, and his irresistible personality have made him a beloved artist among the insular communities of Kentucky, and across the United States.  The Bluegrass Palette of Andre Pater contains glossed images of over 30 beautiful oil and pastel paintings of horse racing scenes and Kentucky wildlife.

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Based on a true story, The Woman Who Saw Too Much brings a fascinating combination of 

suspense and autobiography for anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers. The story seems unimaginable, yet it actually happened. In late 1970's, Kaya and her husband, Sidney Ploss, decide to sell their house in the Washington suburbs and move into the city. They hire Real Estate agent Richard Lee Earman to handle the sale. Soon thereafter, the whole community is shocked by the brutal murder of Mr. Earman's colleagues, a young couple named Alan Foreman and Donna Shoemaker. Alarmed by Earman's suspicious behavior and gifted with an unusual intuition, Kaya sees the scene of the crime and suspects that her agent has something to do with it...

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Dwuskrzydle Swiatlo (Dipteran Light) is a collection of Polish language poems by writer Janina Brzostowska, with side-by-side translations in Ukrainian.  Brzostowska, born near Krakow in 1897, is beloved by readers in many languages for her reflective and insightful poetry.





Panna Huragan: Dzienniki Amerykanskie is a collection of Polish-language essays by Katarzyna Klimasinska (or Kaska), a 28 year old Polish reporter who gets transferred from the Warsaw branch of her company to Houston, Texas.  Her musings on American life are often humorous, at times, critical, but ultimately optimistic.  Kaska provides a fresh insight on the United States from the eyes of a newcomer.

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Delia Zielinska and George Peachey
Boston Two
Songs by Amy Beach and Arthur Foote


Alfred Watson
Classical Composer and Pianist
Performing his original compositions

Krystian Tkaczewski
Performing Rachmaninov, Mendelssohn/Liszt/Horowitz, Chopin, and Mussorgsky

Haskell Small
The Rothko Room: Journeys in Silence
and other recent piano works by Haskell Small