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POSTPONED! Art by Helen Covensky Ciesla - Opening Night

Sunday, March 8, 2020, at 5:00pm

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 Informal wine, cheese and crackers reception will follow

"In my lifetime, I have witnessed a world of extreme change which saw great destruction and rebirth: world war, a terrible holocaust, the displacement of millions of people, and the loss of my loved ones are part of this experience. The United States gave me the opportunity to search for growth, equality, and self-awareness. I ask myself: How can I unite in my own being these opposite forces? How can I give meaning, truth, and authenticity to myself and the world around me? I try to do this through my art.
My paintings are always in process. They are "action paintings". In them, I sense and feel the flow of life as an inner experience and vision. Just as nature and life cannot be frozen, my paintings affirm the vital energy, dynamism, magic, and mystery of my world. I seek to capture a sense of constant motion and restlessness through the use of form, color, composition, and texture.
Painting for me is an absolute necessity, expressing personal needs, a constant struggle, and a never-ending search to portray the reaffirmation of life."
-Helen Ciesla Covensky

"Art has enabled me to enrich a unique connection and celebration of my grandmother's legacy while also embodying a creative personal and professional outlet.
Through abstract expression, I am able to live in a boundary-less and ageless world that embraces experimentation, welcomes eccentricity and honors imperfection. In this space, I become more hopeful and gracious, less lonely and distrustful. I have created something tangible and lasting that represents me in some way, gives me personal pride and even retains the power to evoke true emotions in others. "

- Piera Kempner

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