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Celebration of Color in Nature and Cities

Saturday, May 12, 2012, at 6:00pm

Inspired by her travels, Agnieszka Praxmayer has an ability to reinterpret the ordinary and present it to us in an array of colors, textures and abstractions. She uses natural light to great effect and under her skilled artistic ministrations, we catch tantalizing hints of the Mediterranean.
There is a delightful tension in her work - the ability to use metaphor and make it come alive on canvas; the skilled use of juxtaposition that effortlessly expresses the inextricable relationship between beauty and its opposite, between chaos and harmony, between the harsh and the sublime. She writes: "In everything that is beautiful, there is the pull of that which is not."
The artist's work is a metaphor of the contemporary human search for freedom and the fear of the unknown.

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