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Columbus The Untold Story Lecture & Book Signing by Manuel Rosa "COLUMBUS WAS NOT ITALIAN-NEW EVIDENCE PROVES HE WAS SLAVIC ROYALTY"

Saturday, November 23, 2019, at 5:00pm

Manuel Rosa, PhD candidate in Insular and Atlantic History (XV-XX Centuries) – Azores University
Still unraveling Columbus's Voyage of Betrayal -

COLUMBUS-The Untold Story may be the best and most authoritative book ever written on Columbus. There are so many extraordinary claims the author makes and yet he meticulously supports them throughout the book, even DNA tests. Every detail is a compelling fact that leaves you begging for the next one as the plot advances. Rosa travels some exciting side trails too that no Columbus researcher ever even noticed before, let alone dared to venture down, and smashes all kinds of paradigms in COLUMBUS-The Untold Story, which reads not only like a historical work, but as a spy thriller and adventure story as well.

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