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Kaya Mirecka-Ploss Documentary Filming & Fundraising Event

Sunday, October 20, 2019, at 2:00pm

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We are very happy to let you know that our biographical documentary film about Kaya Mirecka-Ploss received funding from the Silesia Film Institute in Poland - the region Kaya is originality from. 

This funding (a half of the film's budget) of about $35,000 is conditioned on receiving a similar matching fund, which we are trying to raise at this point to complete the film. Our company LOGTV, Ltd. has already committed $15,000 to the film so we are looking for additional $20,000 to meet our budget. Thanks to the effort of Kaya's "family" and Kaya's friends and our initiative - the fundraising event will take place in the on October 20th 

We started working on this film over 5 years ago with help from our company LOGTV, Ltd.  As a result we have conducted all the principal interviews with Kaya and we were able to film her in various locations around D.C. area including Jan Karski grave and the local Polish church. We were able drive to Baltimore and along with Kaya visit one of her "grandchildren" as she calls three young people from Poland, whom she was able to provide home and education in the U. S.. Kasia, was one of them and she organized a surprised 94th birthday party for Kaya in her newly purchased house. In the States we conducted formal interviews with Kaya's grandchildren: Magda and Kasia and in Warsaw, Poland with Maciek, who lives and works there. We were also able to film the celebration of Kaya's Birthday in the school in Nakło Śląskie in Silesia, which holds Kaya Mirecka's name. 

While working on "Karski & The Lords of Humanity" documentary over 10 years ago I have filmed and Interviewed Kaya intensively in her house and while she gave presentations at the Polish Embassy and Kościuszko Foundation in Washington D.C. We have also filmed Kaya during her last trip to Poland, a visit to Jan Karski Instytut for Dialogue and Tolerance in Ruda Śląska, Poland. We have collected a lot of archival materials including Kaya's personal photos, press articles and audio recordings. Presently we are in search for the archival photos and films showing Kaya in London, Rome and Warsaw in years 1945-1962. 

We have created a work-in-progress trailer of the film, which has been translated to English thanks to the efforts of Kaya's "family". This trailer, which Kaya has enjoyed watching, will be presented during the fundraising event on October 20, 2019 at 2pm at THE KOSCIUSZKO FOUNDATION,  WASHINGTON, DC 

We hope you will be able to come to this fundraising event and help us in our efforts to complete this important film project. 

We plan to premiere our film in September of 2020 in Washington DC movie theater and with Kaya's presence to celebrate Kaya's 96th birthday. 


Slawomir Grunberg (Director)

and Barbara Grunberg (Producer) 

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