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Let's Talk About Poland

Sunday, January 19, 2014, at 5:00pm

Sunday, January 19th
5:00 pm

Kosciuszko Foundation Washington, DC Office
2025 O Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

Last month Dr. William Gilcher returned to Washington after four months of research in Łódź, where he studied the life and work of the Polish-Jewish painter Izrael Lejzerowicz (1902-1944), and taught a course in art history called "Cultural Life and the Ghetto of Łódź."

Seventy years after the liquidation of the ghetto, Gilcher wondered what people today think about the history of their city - including the war years. 
Can this industrial city, once celebrated for its four vibrant cultures (Polish, Jewish, German, and Russian), reclaim its past?
What can it make of this past?  
The title of Gilcher's talk comes from a question posed by a gallery owner in Łódź in December 2013.

William Gilcher is an independent scholar from Silver Spring, Maryland, with a PhD in film studies. After many years working at the Goethe-Institut, he retired in 2011 and is active as a cultural historian. Thanks to a grant from the Polish-US Fulbright Commission, he was able to spend August-December 2013 in Poland working in archives and libraries in Łódź and Warsaw. More about him at: www.WilliamGilcher.com and at the project website: www.Lejzerowicz.org

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