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Polish Classes

Monday, June 3, 2013, at 6:30pm

The following classes are offered in Summer Semester 2013:

Beginners I – designed for students with no previous knowledge of Polish; provides basic speaking, writing and reading skills that will help students communicate in  everyday situations. Elements of Polish grammar are introduced.

Class meets on Wednesday, June 5th - July 24th

Beginners II - a continuation of the current Beginners I class, designed for students who completed one semester (or equivalent) of Polish classes .

Class meets on Mondays, June 3rd - July 22nd

Intermediate  – designed for students who completed two semesters (or equivalent) of Polish classes We will be working on polishing our communication skills, while adding more advanced concepts of Polish grammar.

Class  meets on Tuesday, June 4th - July 23rd

Advanced - focused on conversation and composition, while working with more advanced literary materials. We will also incorporate a thorough review of Polish grammar. Class is designed for students who already have basic speaking and writing skills and want to further improve their Polish language command.

Class  meets on Thursday, June 6th - July 25th

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