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The Woman Who Saw Too Much

Sunday, October 28, 2012, at 4:00pm

Based on a true story, The Woman Who Saw Too Much brings a fascinating combination of suspense and autobiography for anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers. The story seems unimaginable, yet it actually happened.

In late 1970's, Kaya and her husband, Sidney Ploss, decide to sell their house in the Washington suburbs and move into the city. They hire Real Estate agent Richard Lee Earman to handle the sale. Soon thereafter, the whole community is shocked by the brutal murder of Mr. Earman's colleagues, a young couple named Alan Foreman and Donna Shoemaker. Alarmed by Earman's suspicious behavior and gifted with an unusual intuition, Kaya sees the scene of the crime and suspects that her agent has something to do with it. A police investigation takes place and Earman is prosecuted with Kaya as one of the witnesses. However, no sentencing occurs. To Kaya's surprise, one day Earman appears in her house again suggesting that she should write a book about him. She accepts the proposal. A strange game begins between the two, as Kaya uses her writing to solve the mystery of Alan's and Donna's murder.

The book strikes one as a very personal story, in which the author reveals very intimate details of her life: her WWII experience, her persecution in communist Poland, and her family relationships. It is an intriguing story about crime, punishment, the meaning of truth  and honesty to oneself.

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