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LEX est REX? The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - A lecture by Prof. Robert Frost

Tuesday, March 9, 2021, at 12:00pm


The Jagiellonian Law Society in cooperation with The Kosciuszko Foundation is honored to invite you for the second lecture from the series dedicated to various ethnic minorities that have lived or are living in "Polish lands: "




Prof. Robert Frost

The chaired professor of history and philosophy at the Aberdeen University, UK, the eminent scholar of the Polish-Lithuanian Union.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 12:00 - 1:45 PM EST

Click HERE to watch the recording of the webinar 

Click HERE to watch the Q&A session with Prof. Robert Frost moderated by Dr. Elizabeth Zechenter which followed the lecture 


The webinar features a distinguished academic - Professor Robert Frost, who analyzes the governing systems of the vast multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-cultural Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He examines the underlying political philosophy of that Polish-Lithuanian Union, demonstrating how it functioned for 200 years. Professor Frost posits that if one understands the underlying laws and philosophy, the Union was by no means as dysfunctional as is usually suggested. 

The talk is based on the second volume of the three-volume history of Poland and Lithuania written by Prof. Frost and published by Oxford University Press. The first volume is out, the second one is to be released later this year. 

We recommend that you get the first volume of the Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania: The Making of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, 1385-1569 available on Amazon and elsewhere. The lecture will be based on the new materials for the forthcoming Second Volume of that History. 

Some of the other books by Prof. Frost include:

  • The Northern Wars, War, State and Society in Northeastern Europe, 1558-1721, 2000 
  • After the Deluge: Poland–Lithuania and the Second Northern War, 1994 
  • with Anne Goldgar, Institutional Culture in Early Modern Society, 2004



Professor Frost is a renowned historian and academic interested in Eastern and Northern Europe of the 14th till 19th centuries with a primary focus on the Polish-Lithuanian Union and the history of the period's warfare. He holds the Burnett Fletcher Chair of History at the School for Divinity, History, and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen in the UK. He has earned his doctorate in the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at the University College London (UCL) and is a foreign member of the Polish Academy of the Arts and Sciences and a British Academy member. He was awarded numerous prizes for his latest book, including the Pro Historia Polonorum Prize.     

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