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25th Anniversary Celebration of the Teaching English in Poland Program

Saturday, June 6, 2015, at 1:00pm

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Twenty-five years ago, the Polish National Commission for UNESCO and the Polish Ministry of National Education invited the Kosciuszko Foundation to cooperate in meeting the growing English language needs of Polish youth after the fall of communism. In its first quarter century, the Kosciuszko Foundation has hosted 124 English Language and American Culture and Arts Enriched English Language camps throughout Poland. More than 10,400 Polish students and nearly 2,000 Americans have participated in this mutually beneficial educational enterprise!    

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Teaching English in Poland Program, the Kosciuszko Foundation is hosting a celebratory luncheon on Saturday, June 6, 2015 beginning at 1:00 pm at its headquarters at 15 East 65th Street in New York City.  You are warmly invited to attend this special event during which we will honor Mrs. Christine B. Kuskowski, Director Emerita of the Teaching English in Poland Program.  Mrs. Kuskowski's tireless efforts, uncompromising dedication, and visionary leadership guided the program for twenty-two years.  The event on June 6 will feature a luncheon, musical program, and slideshow presentation of the Teaching English in Poland Program through the years. As a former participant or supporter of the program, you are an important part of its legacy!  

In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary, we will be producing a Commemorative Program Booklet.  This booklet provides the opportunity to support the Teaching English in Poland Program through your purchase of an ad or personal greetings.  Ads may serve a variety of purposes: to congratulate Mrs. Kuskowski, promote a business, send birthday or other greetings, remember a loved one, or share a memory or photo from your participation in the program, etc. Funds collected for the Commemorative Program Booklet will be used to repair musical instruments used in the Arts Enriched English Language Camps. Enclosed, please find an order form for the Commemorative Program Booklet ad.  We are most grateful for your financial support of this initiative.

The Teaching English in Poland Program serves as a vital means for the Kosciuszko Foundation to implement its mission of promoting closer ties between Poland and the United States through educational and cultural exchange. Please plan to join us as we honor Mrs. Christine B. Kuskowski and celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Teaching English in Poland Program.  We look forward to commemorating its rich history, celebrating its success, and building its future with you!

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