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Andrzej Krakowski Presents: Unknown Polish Oscar Winners

Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 7:30pm

With the 91st Academy Awards ceremony coming up, and with three Oscar nominations for "Cold War" by Pawel Pawlikowski we invite you to an insightful, entertaining and very much informative evening with Prof. Andrzej Krakowski as he casts light on forgotten and unknown Polish Oscar winners in the history of this award. 

As it turns out, general public recognizes eight Polish Oscar winners and is silent about the remaining 28 ones. Meanwhile, 36 artists born in the territory of the present or pre-partition Poland have won in total over 60 Oscars. The prize itself is an idea of a Pole. So what caused us to celebrate some Award recipients and omit others?

Andrzej Krakowski, Professor of Screenwriting and Producing at the City College of NY, awarded film producer, author and director will talk about the unknown Polish Oscars winners, the history of the Academy Award, its recipes and adventures.

Wine and cheese reception will follow the presentation.

Andrzej Krakowski Presents:


Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 7:30 p.m. 

The Kosciuszko Foundation: 15 E 65th Street, New York, NY 10065

General admission: $10

Andrzej Krakowski received his education at the Polish National Film School in Łódź. He studied under several prominent film directors and worked as an intern assistant to Andrzej Wajda during the making of Ashes. Attacked in the press after the March '68 student demonstrations, Krakowski was unexpectedly offered a scholarship in Hollywood. Shortly after his arrival in the U.S., he was stripped of his Polish citizenship and forbidden to return to his homeland. In 2014 Krakowski received a Ph.D. in Film Arts from PWSFTviT in Łódź.

In 1970, alongside David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Paul Schrader and Jeremy Kagan, he became a producing auditor, and then fellow, at the American Film Institute. During this period he worked on and line-produced several films for his AFI colleagues: Terrence Malick's Lanton Mills, Richard Patterson's The Open Window, Jeremy Kagan's Love Song by Charles Faberman and Oscar Williams' The Final Comedown, launching careers of such actors as Ron Rifkin and Billy Dee Williams. Some of those films eventually attained a cult status and are being taught at American colleges as part of film curriculum. MORE

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