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Author's evening with Czeslaw Karkowski

Friday, September 13, 2013, at 7:00pm

Czesław Karkowski's book, The Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation and Polish Immigration after 1945 in the U. S.  

*While the book is written in Polish, Mr. Karkowski's lecture on Jurzykowski and the "Polish Nobel" will be conducted in the English language

In 1964, Successful Polish businessman Alfred Jurzykowski initiated a program of yearly awards for the best Polish scholars and artists, regardless of their places of residence. This program – initially called the Millennium Awards – ended in 1998.

Financed by the Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation, the awards honored over 400 Poles in recognition for their outstanding achievements and contributions in the sciences, humanities, in literature, art, and music.

Jurzykowski made his fortune in Brazil (partially by bringing Benz to the Southern American nation) – as a gesture of "returning the favor," his foundation awarded medical scholars and doctors in Brazil as well. The Foundation also supported scholarly and educational Polish institutions in New York City and in Western Europe, seeking to further develop cultural ties between Poland and the world.

Karkowski explores the impact of the awards on the Polish and American cultural and academic communities, as well as delving into Jurzykowski's Brazilian connection. 

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