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Author's evening with Stanislaw Aronson

Tuesday, October 26, 2010, at 7:00pm

Stanislaw Aronson's happy childhood in an affluent, assimilated Jewish family in Lodz ended when the Nazis and the Soviets invaded Poland in September 1939. He experienced occupation under both regimes, lost those he loved, and narrowly escaped death in Treblinka at the age of seventeen. Yet his war was only beginning. he joined the Polish Underground, served in an elite detachment that eliminated collaborators and Gestapo informers, and fought and was wounded on the front lines in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Under no illusions about the future of Poland following liberation by the Soviets he embarked on an illegal odyssey that took him first to the Polish forces based in Italy, and then to Israel, where he made a new home for himself and served in all the country's major wars. Since 1988, he has been able to visit Poland again, meet with other survivors of his Home Army unit, and make friends with their children and grandchildren. He has also played an active role in commemorating the wartime past.


A free copy of the book will be given to first 50 people

who RSVP for the event to: [email protected]

Space is limited so make sure you get back to us on time.

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