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Buried Prayers

Monday, March 14, 2011, at 7:00pm

They remember being held in a field before processing because the camp was so full. In a final act of defiance, some prisoners buried their valuables in a the field, digging with their hands, to leave a record and to prevent the Nazis from seizing them.

The survivors never told this story to anyone until now. Investigator and filmmaker, Matt Mazer uncovers this story and brings the group of survivors, who now live in Melbourne, Australia, back to Majdanek.  All lost their entire families here, so it is a wrenching confrontation with their past. Majdanek has been preserved as a camp.

Mazer, along with a group of experienced archaeologists, gets permission to excavate the site for 72 hours. They indeed uncover 80 rings, bracelets and watches, having just explored .1% of the field.

They plan to continue the search. Matt Mazer has spent 5 years and millions of dollars to bring this story to life.

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