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A Celebration on the 77th Anniversary of King Jagiełło Statue in Central Park NY

Saturday, October 29, 2016, at 10:00am

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The King Jagiełło Monument Working Group is pleased to announce a Scholarly Symposium and Observances celebrating the 77th Anniversary of arrival of Stanisław Ostrowski's Statue of King Jagiello at the 1939 World's Fair as well as completion of conservation work on the Statue by the Central Park Conservancy.  


October 29, 2016 - A Symposium held under the Patronage of The Honorable Anna Maria Anders, Senator of the Republic of Poland, Secretary of State, Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for International Dialogue, at General Consulate of the Republic of Poland.

October 30, 2016 - Rededication of the King Jagiełło Monument in Central Park - Open to the public. Start at 12:00 PM
Location: King Jagiełło Monument (Turtle Pond, entrance at 79th and Fifth Avenue)

The events are open to the public - however, if you wish to attend the Symposium RSVP is required at [email protected] no later than October 20th - give your full name and affiliation. 

Please arrive at the Consulate no later than 09:45 and bring photo ID.


10:00 – Greeting – Consul Katarzyna Padło 

10:10 – Introduction – Grzegorz Worwa, President of the Polish American Congress LI Division 

10:20 – Senator Anna Maria Anders 

10:30 – 11:45 - Stanisław Kazimierz Ostrowski and Polish Art Deco 

Jan Loryś, Consultant to the Polish Museum of America 

Krystyna Nowakowska,Ph.D., Muzeum in Legnica (Emeritus) 

11:50 – 13:05 - King Jagiełło and his Concept of a Unified Europe 

Piotr S. Górecki, Ph.D., Professor of History, University of California, Riverside 

Robert I. Frost, Ph.D., Burnett Fletcher Chair of History, School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, University of Aberdeen 

13:10-14:10 – Award and Presentation 

13:20 – 14:10 Lunch Break 

Film, board games and book display in central hall 

14:15 – Introduction – Janusz Romański, Phd., President Polonia Technica

14:25- 15:40 – Historical Sculptures in the Public Domain
Krzysztof Wodiczko, Director, Art, Design and the Public Domain, Graduate School of Design at Harvard University Gediminas Urbonas, Director, MIT Program of Art, Culture and Technology
15:45-17:00 – Conservation work on the King Jagiełło Statue/ Polish                        Conservators in the World - Matthew C. Reiley, Associate Director of Conservation, Central Park Conservancy, Joanna Pietruszewska, Aegis-Restauro
17:00 – Closing Remarks – Iwona Drąg-Korga, Ph.D., President of the Józef Piłsudski Institute
Compere – Krystyna Piórkowska

A Word of Thanks from the King Jagiełło Monument Working Group

The Working Group includes the Józef Piłsudski Institute of America - Instytut Józefa Piłsudskiego (IJP); Nowodworski Foundation – Fundacja Nowodworskich; Polish American Congress (Long Island Division) - Kongres Polonii Amerykańskiej (KPA-Wydział LI); Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians - Polonia Technica, St. Stanislaus B&M Parish (Parafia Św. Stanisława, B&M – Manhattan) and two individuals, Prof. Krzysztof Wodiczko of Harvard University and Krystyna Piórkowska.
Finally, but most significantly, the group includes the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, which is both a co-organizer and host of the event.
The organizers wish to thank Senator Anna Maria Anders for her patronage; the First Secretary and Minister of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Maciej Pisarski; and the former and present Consuls of the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in New York, Mateusz Stąsiek and Alicja Tunk for their encouragement and support of this Symposium and the Rededication events.

Rededication of the King Jagiełło Monument in Central Park

Date - October 30, 2016
Location – King Jagiełło Monument (Turtle Pond, entrance at 79th and Fifth Avenue) 

Monument unveiling
12:00 - Welcome - Host - Consul General of the Consulate General of Poland
12:05 - Historical background of the monument – 
   Rev. Father Tadeusz Lizińczyk, OSPPE, Parish of St. Stanislaus, 
   Bishop and Martyr, Manhattan
12:15 - Unveiling – Senator Anna Maria Anders
 Polish and American anthems - Angelus Choir 
12:25 - Rededication - Rev. Father Tadeusz Lizińczyk, OSPPE
12:30 - Marie R. Warsh, Director for Preservation Planning, Central Park 
   Conservancy – Comments of the Conservation Process
12:40 – Presentation of the "Battle of Grunwald" by children from the 
PSD- Yonkers, Zuzanna Golec, scenario, Iza Laskowska, Polish Theatre Institute arrangement Bogurodzica, children joined by the Angelus Choir
   Presentation of wreaths at the foot of the monument
1:10 - Polish and Lithuanian songs, Angelus Choir
          Presentation on the King Jagiełło swords by Wojciech Budzyński
 Banner of Jasna Góra, reenactment group 
1:30 - Central Park Folkdancers - Polish and international folk dances – with
 public participation
1:45 - Photo ops 
2:00 –End of official observances
Ballads with guitar accompaniment, Picnic near the monument
Central Park Folkdancers, folk dances with public participation at Turtle Pond plaza near the King Jagiello Monument

Compere Jerzy Leśniak


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