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Musical Life of Galicia

Sunday, September 7, 2014, at 3:00pm

From the Rubinstein Players

(Tatiana Chulochnikova, violin and Maria Lyapkova, piano): 

"We created the program titled 'Musical Life of Galicia' which highlights the most important and interesting works of Ukrainian classical music in the early 19th century written for violin and keyboard. Our main goal is to present these almost unknown pieces to larger audiences by performing them in our East Coast tour and eventually recording this unique repertoire.

Each composer and piece in the program is closely connected to Galicia, which at different times was part of Poland, Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Ukraine. Not everyone knows that in the late 18th century this land gave birth and adopted a number of important musical personalities."

Rubinstein Players official website

To listen to demo recordings of Rubinstein Players:


Maxim Berezovsky

Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord 

Franz Xaver Mozart

Sonata for Violin and Piano, op.15


Jozef Elsner 

Sonata for Piano and Violin in D major

Ludwig Van Beethoven 

Sonata for Piano and Violin  No.8

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