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Name's Day Party for Thaddeus & Polish Heroes

Thursday, October 28, 2010, at 7:00pm

In Honor of the

After Poland passed the May 3 Constitution in 1791, it was attacked by Russia, Prussia and Austria who wanted to stop these democratic reforms.  King Stanislaw Augustus created the Virtuti Militari medal to honor the Polish soldiers, such as Tadeusz Kosciuszko, who had fought to defend the first democratic constitution in Europe.  But the Poles lost the war, and the Russians demanded that these medals be thrown away.
While the officers who received this honor took the medals off their chests, they sent the blue ribbons from these orders to their wives and girlfriends, who used them to tie their hair in ponytails.
On Oct 28, 1792, the name's day for Tadeusz, Prince Czartoryski held an (imieniny) party at his palace for Kosciuszko. At this party, the women wore white dresses with black and blue sashes and tied their hair in ponytails with the medal ribbons. The women made a garland crown of leaves from an oak tree planted 100 years earlier by King Sobieski, and placed it on Kosciuszko's head to honor him.
The Kosciuszko Foundation and its chapters will reenact this event on Oct. 28, to honor local heroes that have supported the Polish Community.
At our headquarters at 15 East 65th Street, the foundation will honor Tadeusz Kondratowicz and the Nowy Dziennik for their  support of Polish causes.
The evening will include food, drink, Music by PHH's own DJ DLP, surprise guests, and who knows, perhaps a little dancing.

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