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On the road - American Landscape by Hanna Kelker - the photo exhibition

Friday, October 21, 2016, at 9:00am

The exhibition is available to the public on Oct. 21 - Nov. 19, 2016, Monday - Friday, at 10 am - 5 pm.

Please feel free to visit us. No reservation required.

The exhibition ON THE ROAD  displays a collection of Hanna Kelker's photographs of the American landscape and of images painted by light that were taken during her travels around the country.
The vast United States, so rich in spectacular natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the picturesque rivers and mountains of its western states and the colorful and unusual rock formations in the desert states, offer unlimited opportunities for the photographer to capture beauty and wonder. 

America also offers interesting man made creations, such as wonderful works of art and architecture, fascinating cities such as vibrant New York and historic New Orleans, and small villages where beautiful historical wooden houses are found and traditions of American history are treasured. We can also find the art and history of American Indians from ancient rock paintings to modern works by renowned artists. On the road through the US we encounter images that may not be regarded as beautiful but are fascinating--old, neglected buildings with mysterious pasts, graffiti on city walls or abandoned industrial sites. 

I am fascinated by images that focus on light and images painted by light--reflections that create light copies of objects, shadows that an add interesting mood and landscapes that are beautifully colored by the light of rising or setting sun. The photographs of American photographer Paul Strand are a source of my inspiration, his landscapes and images in which shadows are important elements of composition. I am also inspired by paintings of Polish
impressionists and their masterful portrayal of colors. 

Although my photographs depict only the small fragment of the US that can be seen from roads less travelled by, they illustrate to some degree the beauty and diversity of the country's landscape and character. This has been an interesting journey for me and a wonderful opportunity to photograph many interesting vistas and images. It has also been an opportunity to observe life
and its many aspects from the perspective of a life lived in Poland and in the USA 

Hanna Kelker

More about the photographer

Hanna Kelker was born in Skierniewice, Poland. After completing her undergraduate studies in biology at the University of Warsaw, she pursued her scientific interests in the United States where she received her Ph.D. degree. Most of her career was spent in scientific research at New York University School of Medicine where she studied the immunological properties of the AIDS virus. As a New York City resident she actively participates in the life of the Polish community where she serves on the
Board of Directors of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America and the Board of Trustees of the Kosciuszko Foundation. 

Her serious pursuit of photography arises from her lifelong interest in the arts and her fascination with how images are portrayed. She is intrigued by images created by light, and she tries to capture the patterns that light can create when shining on or reflected from various objects.
Dr. Kelker has studied photography at New York University, and she is an active member of the Polish American Photographic Club. 

Her work has appeared at numerous group shows including the SoHo Photo Gallery and at the Salons of the Polish American Photographic Club. She has presented solo exhibitions at the Kurier Plus Gallery, the Gallery of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America, the Polish Art Gallery at Starbucks in Greenpoint, New York City and at the Galeria Lamelli in Cracow, Poland.

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