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Pawel Ignatowicz Quintet

Friday, June 24, 2011, at 7:30pm

Jazz up the shortest night of a year! Come to the KF to hear a Polish native Pawel Ignatowicz's Jazz with world music influences.  Featuring; Pawel Ignatowicz – guitars, Mark Manczuk – drums, Dan Asher – Bass, Lukasz Kowalski – piano, Adam Baldych - violin.


Guitarist and composer. Pawel Ignatowicz was born in a musical household on 20 December 1980 in Żywiec, Poland. From an early age, Pawel was in contact with a variety of instruments and their diversity . He grew up in a musical family, soaked up with Polish folk and native music, as well as New Orleans's Dixieland music. Being the son of a multi-instrumentalist, his entire childhood was spent in practice to play the instruments. At the age of eight years he started learning the clarinet at the School of Music. While broadening his instruments for saxophones, he was still searching for an instrument by which specificity could express the full musical expression. Finally came the guitar. For him, at an early age of ten years old, he decided to get paid for his music experience. Over the years, while he was no longer playing on the instruments, he only focused on the game of playing only on the instrument. After finishing high school he devoted his time to studying music at the University of Silesia, focusing especially on the jazz guitar lessons with the class Professor Karol Ferfecki. In 2005 he defended a diploma with very good results and after graduation he began to search for music with his own identity. Immediately after defending his thesis, he departed for New York where he resides to this day. On the musical experience level, this young composer received a lot of factors, ranging from children fascinations of compositions by Freddie Mercury, by virtuosity and mastery by Steve Vai, and ending with John Coltrane, whose music has proven to be a watershed moment in music for Pawel spaces. That's the genius of that interest in jazz saxophone, which is found in the musical identity. In his works, it can be classified into straight-ahead jazz and fusion, both electrically and acoustically, combining elements of rock by Jimi's Hendrix and contemporary classical music divisions from Steve Reich and Philip Glass. His compositions combine lyricism with contemporary atonal harmony, avant-garde solos with unusual expressions. He has often been invited by other leaders to keep pursuing their own musical ideas and projects. By his own account, he has collaborated with many distinguished musicians, among others Richie Cannata, Joe Berger, Cris Clark, Mariusz Orzełowski (Muariolanza), Marek Dykta, Slawomir Jaskulke, Maciej Sikala, and many others. Currently he is playing with a jazz trio, using their music compositions. At the beginning of 2008 he, himself as the author recorded his first music project, in which he was also the producer of "Talk To You Later".

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