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Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father's Past

Wednesday, May 26, 2010, at 6:30pm

Rita knew little of her father's past: just that he had left Poland after World War II, and that his many scars, visible and not, bore mute witness to some past tragedy. He had always refused to answer questions. Now, however, she held in her hand stark mementos from the youth of the man she knew only as Richard Cosby, proud American: a worn Polish Resistance armband; rusted tags bearing a prisoner number and the words Stalag IVB; and an identity card for an ex-POW bearing the name Ryszard Kossobudzki.

Praise for the "Quiet Hero"

"One of Poland's great treasures has now been found. Richard Cosby and his Resistance comrades are true heroes in our historic fight for freedom. Without their courage, Solidarity would never have won its final battle."
     - Lech Walesa, Former President of Poland

"Rita's story is one that will touch every family. . . A loving, poignant tribute to her POW father and freedom."

     - Senator John McCain

"A beautiful tribute to the strength of the human spirit."
     - Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State


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