Past events

The Collage

Friday, May 20, 2011, at 7:00pm

The Collage by Gina Amama

Gina, is Polish born artist. She began her story with art studying painting and drawing from where she moved to London studying art and design (with a continued focus on painting) at the University of Arts in London.  

This focus on visual media and her strong fashion background, developed working as a model, led her into fashion photography.  This became the central theme of her diploma which she completed at London College of Fashion in 2009.

Gina started to work as a freelance photographer directly after her studies focusing on creating fashion stories.  Her first independent project and solo exhibition, The Collage, took place late autumn of 2010 in Warsaw.  It was met with positive reviews from invited guests and the press; several images were invited to the Polswiss auction later the same year.

Gina's work is strongly influenced by fashion, but it is her passion for snap-shooting and lomography that has shaped her signature style.  This style is strongly noticeable in both her commercial and personal projects

Brain and Beauty

A lecture by Professor Jaroslaw Krejza

A question nurtures people whether beauty exists only as a subjective feeling or whether it is a real and universal form. Thus, the lecture addresses our perception of beauty and attraction, meaning and influence of romantic love, differences between romantic and mother's love, illusion of happiness and approaches to the health of our brain.

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