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Saturday, May 8, 2010, at 3:00pm

At 3:00 pm (in Polish) at 6:00 pm (in English)


The Polish nation has been traumatised throughout its history by unspeakable horrors.  

We, of the Polish Theatre Institute share and participate in the mourning for all of those who died in the terrible catastrophe at Smolensk and  pay homage to all who perished, their families and the Polish nation. Those who died were on the way to honor the 70th Anniversary of the Katyn massacre of the Polish officers by the Soviets.  It is fitting therefore to commemorate that event as well. While Poland was a satelite of the Soviet Union, Poles were persecuted and killed by its Communist rulers.  No mention of Katyn was tolerated.  Up to the 1980's and including the growth of Solidarity, there were many traumatic events.  One, in which the whole nation participated, as they do now, were the 11 days from the moment when the beloved chaplain of Solidarity,  Rev. Jerzy Popieluszko disappeared, till his mutilated body was discovered.  


We are presenting a program dealing with this event, as a tribute to all those who died...

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