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an evening of love poetry and art

Tuesday, December 4, 2012, at 7:00pm

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an evening of love poetry and art

Two Loves: poetry by Boleslaw Lesmian, a brilliant Polish poet, in Polish and English read from "33 of the Most Beautiful Love Poems"  and the book of poetry by Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet, the Nobel Prize winner, presented in Polish. Both books translated by Marian Polak-Chlabicz, who will read some of these beautiful poems and answer questions of the audience. The evening will take place among an erotic scenery of drawings and paintings by Janusz Skowron, illustrator of both volumes. Additionally, the evening will be illuminated by Polish actor, Tadeusz Turkowski and his interpretation of the poetry. The books and drawings will be available at affordable prices; they can make excellent Christmas gifts.

Marian Polak-Chlabicz works as a journalist and a translator.  For 12 years have been living in New York; is a contributor of the largest Polish-language immigration newspaper Nowy dziennik, and other mass media. Recently, he has translated Bolesław Leśmian's poems into English, and Pablo Neruda's verse into Polish. Currently, among other things, he is working on further translations of the most essential Leśmian's poems into English as well as the funniest and most nonsensical poems by Edward Lear – into Polish.

Janusz Skowron is a painter, a graphic artist, and a photographer; for many years has been living in New York where he is closely connected with the Emotionalists Art Group , as well as he co-founded the  Lublin Gallery KONT  and the Shtooka  Gallery in New York.  He participated in more than 200 individual and joint exhibits, and tirelessly promotes Polish art.



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