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Was Columbus Polish?

Monday, October 14, 2013, at 5:00pm


Manuel Rosa will be presenting a lecture at The Kosciuszko Foundation de-shrouding the myth surrounding the man who discovered America.

The event, an extension of the Kosciuszko Foundation's partnership with Early Music Foundation's New York Early Music Celebration 2013: Pro Musica Polonica, is sure to raise thought-provoking inquiries into our assumed knowledge of Christopher Columbus, the man!

In THE SECRET IDENTITY OF COLUMBUS: PEASANT TO VICEROY IN 33 DAYS Rosa sets out to prove that Columbus' history has never been examined or questioned, and is in fact misleading at best. Mr. Rosa's 22 year adventurous investigation involved the discovery of unknown facts regarding historical documents, the information that the supposedly Italian Columbus rarely even used the language in his correspondences, and the sheer impossibility of a peasant Columbus being able to marry into nobility and carry out his quest. In short, Columbus was no simple wool-weaver's son.

His lectures, presented at universities, schools and organizations in Portugal, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, and USA, are succeeding in convincing attendees that the history of Columbus that we knew contained little truth and his books have become the standard by which Columbus biographies are being judged. Mr. Rosa was also the only Portuguese historian involved with DNA studies of Columbus' bones at the University of Granada.

Mr. Rosa will be selling limited quantities of his book, published in Polish:  "KOLUMB. Historia Nieznana" and is due to release his book,  KOLUMBAS. ATSKLEISTA ISTORIJA in Lithuania (February 2014).

The lecture will be held at the KF house on October 14th, to coincide with Columbus Day. 

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