Credit Transfers


Students may earn credit for on-line Polish language, history and culture courses.  Credits are awarded towards an undergraduate degree. In order to receive an official transcript of credit from the host university in Poland, a student must meet all course requirements and pass final exams.    

A Transcript of Credit includes the name of the course, the number of hours of instruction, and a letter grade.  Proficiency levels are included for  language courses. Transcripts are mailed on or about September 20th.  In the Polish educational system: 

1 academic hour = 45 minutes

Credit listed on transcripts are ECTS credits.  

To Apply for Credit

Discuss your course choices with your advisor to determine whether the courses you wish to take can be used towards your degree requirements and/or electives. 

2021 course descriptions, start and end dates, the total number of hours of instruction and the number of credits available is found on the Summer Study Program Description page.

Sample syllabi are available for most of the lecture courses and are from the 2020 Summer program. (Two 3-week on-line programs were offered in 2020).  A description of language proficiency levels available and the teaching method will be found under the course description for PLI-Polish Language Intensive (Polish) and is from the 2019 syllabus.  The currently posted syllabi are provided as a reference guide only.  Syllabi for the 2021 program will post in mid-June.

Universities in the U.S. each have their own credit transfer policies.  Approval for courses taken abroad may be based on wether or not you have met your home university's degree requirements for language, history, etc., and may take into consideration other factors.  Familiarize yourself with your university's policies by speaking to your academic advisor or the appropriate persons at your Study Abroad Office, Records Office, Language Department, and/or International Studies Offices.  Alternatively, consult your University (on-line) bulletin for university policies.    

Complete the top portion of the Credit Approval Form before submitting it to your academic advisor.  Ask your academic advisor to complete the bottom portion of the form. For successful delivery of the transcript to your  university, is it imperative that the address information be complete.  The  name of the department/office, college mailbox number, mail stop or room number, if applicable must be included. 

All students who apply for a Transcript of Credit may request an official transcript and/or a student copy.   If you wish to receive a student copy (unofficial transcript), be sure to include your home address in the top portion of the form.  

Please note that your home university may require you to complete its own  credit approval or authorization forms. 

A Credit Approval Form is found with application materials on the Summer Study Program Description page.  


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