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Teaching English in Poland

Dear Friends,
Due to the current situation in the world and the constantly unfolding pandemic we have decided to extend our Teaching English In Poland Program and organize its activities online. 
The TEIP online will take place in JUNE and we plan to continue it into the next school year. This will allow for long-term commitments, weekly lessons, and developing relationships between Polish and American teams. We are in search for American volunteers in order to organize this year's edition of the program. Anyone can become a volunteer and help. Learn more about how you can contribute below.

If any of these options suit you, please consider submitting your application. There is no application fee this year!

About the Kosciuszko Foundation TEIP Program 

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"TEIP has allowed me to learn about the history and culture of Poland while getting to work with some absolutely amazing Polish students and staff. The kids are so eager to learn and the staff is incredibly helpful. Thanks to TEIP I've made lifelong friends both in Poland and all over the US that I'm truly thankful for."

- Jeff M., Załęcze Volunteer

TEIP is a unique English teaching program organized by The Kosciuszko Foundation Poland and The Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc. in New York. The program is centered around American volunteers who come to chosen summer camps all around Poland to teach English to children and to familiarize them with American culture through sports, art, and cultural projects.

TEIP in numbers

The TEIP program works since 1991 – that's 30 years

Almost 150 camps organized all around the country

Thousands of American volunteers, who visited Poland

2 980 234 songs sang during classes

145 000 cakes baked

20 cowboy hats gifted by an American teacher

4 broken guitars,

37 lost baseball mitts

25 online ZOOM meetings

During two summer weeks, we provide Polish students with an opportunity to improve their language skills. They learn under the careful eye of experienced American teachers (around a dozen volunteers at each camp) who conduct workshops in small groups. Teachers are supervised by a leader responsible for making sure the program runs smoothly and effectively. Teachers, accompanied by their assistants, organize interactive classes that enable Polish students to enrich their vocabulary connected to culture, history, geography, American customs, and traditions. Language immersion is key here - we encourage students to let go of any barriers in speaking and to let themselves communicate freely. There is no better way to achieve that than spending a summer vacation with native speakers.

Singing American rock classics with a guitar in hand? Building a small summer paper factory and publishing your own book? Learning American dances, how to play the ukulele? Or maybe preparing Polish and American dishes together? Taking part in the TEIP program is an exciting adventure!

What does a year with TEIP look like?

November – February 
recruiting American volunteers - camp leaders, teachers, and their assistants, as well as choosing Polish camp locations and managers

March – April
we're getting to know each other - meetings of American and Polish team leaders during workshops

signing contracts with Polish organizers, preparing for the camps

June – August
the arrival of American volunteers, intense English classes, sports, artistic activities, trips, bonfires, discussions… This is what TEIP is all about! 

Who does what?

Managing TEIP requires a lot of effort - especially since our team works on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This is how we share and divide tasks at different stages of the project:

The American TEIP team (leader coordinator together with The Kosciuszko Foundation Inc. and volunteers)

  • Application: choosing camp leaders and volunteers, who will come to Poland,
  • preparing engaging, interactive classes for camp participants, 
  • a workshop dedicated to American and Polish leaders – everyone is coming to Warsaw,
  • organizing the arrival of volunteers in Poland and…
  • ...sharing knowledge and positive energy with kids during their summer vacation!

Kosciuszko Foundation Poland
  • Connecting American volunteers with Polish camp organizers,
  • choosing and preparing locations for the camps,
  • organizing workshops and webinars for Polish and American leaders,
  • overseeing the quality of projects carried out during camps,
  • preparing a publication on teaching foreign languages outside the classroom.
Polish camp organizers (schools, cultural institutions, social organizations) 
  • Selecting camp participants (children, school students) and teams of Polish educators (preferably English language teachers),
  • participating in a dedicated workshop with American leaders and the Kosciuszko Foundation Poland team,
  • providing room and board, as well as adequate teaching and learning conditions for Polish and American staff and children,
  • organizing the arrival of Americans at the camp and a 3-day trip after the camp, which will enable them to get to know the region and Polish culture better,
  • making sure that volunteers feel at home, have numerous opportunities to get to know Polish customs and culture, and are equipped with adequate teaching tools and support.

Join our TEIP team

Are you an engaged, active school, local community, or cultural institution? Or maybe a non-profit organization that supports the education of secondary and high school students? Do you wish to organize a two-week language camp at your youth center for kids from the region? Feel free to contact us, but check if you meet our requirements first!

What are the requirements for Polish TEIP camp organizers?

  • making room for classes carried out in groups no larger than 20 participants,
  • making sure that camp participants have a basic knowledge of the English language,
  • remembering that the camp fee cannot exceed the actual costs of the campers' stay. The camp is not a commercial enterprise - American teachers come to Poland as volunteers,
  • nominating a Polish team leader and gathering a qualified, professional Polish staff who will support the American staff, 
  • providing teachers with educational materials and any tools they might need during class,
  • providing the staff with safe and comfortable accommodation (that includes clean sheets, towels, three meals a day, bottled water during classes and trips, as well as a chance to use the cleaning service, laundry, and kitchen),
  • ensuring access to a nurse or doctor,
  • organizing transport from and to the airport,
  • planning a trip around the region for American volunteers after the camp.

E-mail us at [email protected], and we will set up rules for future cooperation. Together we will plan classes and a trip for American volunteers. During the year, we will meet three times: we will check out the camp spot and sign a contract, we will participate in a workshop in March, and we will meet during a visit to the camp in the summer. We will remain in touch with you throughout the entire edition of the program. 

Check out the classes taught by native speakers and expert webinars for English language teachers, recorded as part of the TEIP online edition, on our  Youtube channel.

For more information visit https://kfpoland.org/Teaching-English-in-Poland-TEIP