Program eligibility

The Kosciuszko Foundation follows a policy of equal opportunity and does not discriminate against any person because of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age.

Only Polish citizens and "Karta Polaka" holders permanently residing in Poland are eligible. Poles living outside of Poland may NOT participate in this program.

Dual citizens (the United States and Poland) as well as individuals holding the United States permanent residency status (Green Card) are not eligible. For scholarships for American citizens, please visit our Domestic Scholarships Programs.

Applicants must hold an M.A. or M.S. degree prior to the commencement date of the award. The preference is given to doctoral or postdoctoral candidates. 

Current academic affiliation is required in all cases. A certificate of employment or enrollment in doctoral studies, issued by a Polish academic institution, must be presented (acceptable in Polish).

Applicants must have strong English language proficiency, sufficient to participate effectively in formal and informal conversations on practical, social, and professional topics and to carry out the proposed study/research. English proficiency will be assessed during personal interviews in Warsaw.


An applicant has to be eligible for the U.S. exchange visitor J-1 visa.


There are no restrictions to fields of study/research.

Repeat participation ("Reapplication") – All participants of the Exchange Program to the United States are subject to a 2-year ban on "repeat participation," which means you can apply for another KF grant or fellowship only after two full years since the completion of the KF grant/fellowship.

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