Polish National Alliance of Brooklyn, USA Scholarships

Program Description 

The Polish National Alliance of Brooklyn, USA Scholarship is awarded to a qualified member of the Polish National Alliance of Brooklyn, Lodge #1903.  One scholarship of $2,000 is awarded on a competitive basis by the Kosciuszko Foundation.  The scholarship is awarded only for full-time studies in the United States. 

Note: For information on membership in Lodge #1903 of the Polish National Alliance please contact:

Home of the Alliance 
176 Java Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222 
Phone: (718) 609-0557
E-mail: [email protected]

Membership in the Polish National Alliance of Brooklyn, USA consists of purchasing a life insurance policy.  One year of membership in the Polish National Alliance of Brooklyn, USA is required in order to meet eligibility criteria for the PNA of Brooklyn, USA Scholarship.  


  • Citizens or legal permanent resident of the United States;
  • must be of Polish descent; 
  • must be a member of PNA Brooklyn, Lodge #1903; 
  • be a graduating high school senior or 
  • a college freshman, sophomore, or junior at the time of application;
  • and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.   

Only one member per immediate family may receive a tuition scholarship during any given academic year.  The PNA Brooklyn, USA Inc. Scholarship is non-renewable.  A  candidate may receive this scholarship only once.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on application completeness, the recommendations of teachers and professors, academic excellence and achievements, applicant's interests,  motivation, the applicant's essay, involvement in the Polish  American community. Financial need is taken into consideration.

Kosciuszko Foundation scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.

Application Procedure

A complete application includes the following materials:  

  • A - Scholarship Application (A1) and Financial Information Form (A2)
  • B - Statement of Purpose/essay
  • C - Official Transcripts
  • D - Two Letters of Recommendation
  • E - Admission letter, if applicable
  • F - Proof of Polish Ancestry
  • G - Photo
  • H - Curriculum Vitae
  • I - $40 non-refundable application fee with Checklist

Notes Regarding Supporting Documents:

  •  - See the Click Here to Apply button for application forms. Submit a completed Financial Information Form (Pages 1 and 2). Candidates entering college please include budgetary figures for the top three schools you are most likely to attend (Page 2).  
  • B - In your Statement of Purpose discuss your major, relevant academic and extracurricular activities as well as your short and long term goals.  Your statement will be three pages long, double spaced.  Include PNA23, your full name, and page number on each page of your essay.  
  • C -Submit official transcripts of studies. 3 academic years are required (through Summer 2021), for example, a current junior in college is required to  submit transcripts for their freshman and sophomore years and senior year of high school (2 years of undergraduate studies + 1 year high school).  
    • An official transcript is one that is sent by the university or school directly to the Kosciuszko Foundation.  An official transcript is usually printed on official transcript paper and bears the embossed or raised seal of the university or school, as well as the date, and the registrar's signature.  Official transcripts are usually sent in a sealed envelope and include the registrar's signature stamped across the seal of the envelope. 
    • Transcripts will NOT be accepted from students.  
    • Electronic transcripts are accepted and are considered official if delivered securely through an organization authorized by your university and e-mailed directly to the Foundation.  The Foundation accepts electronic transcripts from Transcript Network by Credentials Solutions, LLC; Transcript Services at Parchment; Credentials eScrip-Safe  and from the National Student Clearinghouse.   
  • D- Two confidential letters of recommendation are required.  Letters must be written on university letterhead and come directly from professors or teachers with whom you have studied  recently. The Foundation can accept letters via USPS or via e-mail, however, recommendation letters must come directly from the professor or school office. Recommendation letters will NOT be accepted from the student. A non-academic letter of recommendation will be accepted as an optional 3rd letter of support.  The optional letter may be submitted on your behalf by an employer or supervisor, leader or officer of an organization with whom you are affiliated or other person who can speak to relevant activities, abilities and or suitability for scholarship funding. Recommenders who wish to submit letters via e-mail are asked to save their recommendation letters as PNA23-Candidate's Last name-First name-LOR-Prof's Last name. 
  • E - Submit a copy of your college admission letter.  This requirement is only for students who will be entering college in September 2022.  College admission letters are accepted through May 31st;
  • F - Submit proof of Polish ancestry.  Use copies of documents such as birth certificates, passports, naturalization papers and other official documents to trace your lineage to the ancestor who was born in Poland.  Highlight relevant names and arrange documents in chronological order.  Save all your documents to one file and save the file according to the file naming convention listed below.  One line of descent is needed to prove Polish descent. If the above described documentation is not available, a letter from a prominent member of the community verifying your Polish ancestry will be accepted. Letters from relatives will not be accepted;
  • G - Submit a photo of yourself which is suitable for publication in the Kosciuszko Foundation's Newsletter.  A passport style photo (headshot) is suggested.  
  • H - Submit your Curriculum Vitae.  Include awards, achievements, participation in clubs, activities, Polish clubs, etc. 
  • I - Submit $35 non-refundable application fee together with the  Checklist to the KF via USPS.  Checks and money orders made payable to the Kosciuszko Foundation are the only acceptable forms of payment.

Prepare the following before you apply on-line:

  • your essay, proof of ancestry, photo, and CV
  • green card and naturalization certificate numbers (non-citizens)
  • high school and college start and end dates, degrees/expected degrees, graduation dates/expected dates of graduation
Additional notes: 
  • Use the following file naming conventions for all supporting documents: PNA23-Your Last Name-Your First Name-Description of File Contents.  Descriptions may include Financial Information Form (FIF); Financial Info; Essay; Personal Statement; Admission-NYU (include university initials), Heritage, Ancestry, Photo, CV and similar descriptive terms.  
  • Acceptable file formats for documents include .doc, .docx, and .pdf
  • Acceptable file formats for photos include .png, .jpg, and .jpeg
  • If you feel that you qualify for more than one of our scholarships, include a note with your checklist and inform us of the scholarships for which you'd like to be considered.  Apply only once - we will consider you for any Kosciuszko Foundation scholarships for which you qualify. 
  • We will contact you via e-mail or phone if questions arise or if clarification is needed - please respond promptly. 
  • Incomplete applications will not receive consideration.  
  • Do not staple check/money order to Checklist. 
  • Set aside enough time to complete the on-line application form in one session. You will not be able to save your answers and return to complete the form at a later time. 
Documents to submit on-line: 
A1- Application form
B- Personal Statement/Essay
F- Proof of Polish descent
G- Photo
H- Curriculum Vitae 
Documents accepted via USPS and e-mail
(do not duplicate efforts) :
A2- Financial Information Form
C- Official Transcripts
D- Letters of Recommendation
E- College admission letters 
Documents accepted via USPS: 
I- $40 application fee and checklist
Send hard copy materials to: 
Grants Department
Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc.
15 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065

Submit questions and supporting materials to: 

Magdalena Karmilowicz

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone:  (212) 734-2130 ext. 412

Application Deadline for academic year Fall 2022/Spring 2023: 

January 1st, 2021

Scholarship Notification Letters for academic year Fall 2021/Spring 2022 :  will be sent in June 2022

NOT FOR CURRENT CANDIDATES: Decision letters will be sent in June.  If you have moved/changed your address since submitting your application form, submit a Change of Address Form by May 31st to [email protected]


Application Form (A1): 


A green check mark within a circle indicates that your on-line application form (A1) has been successfully submitted. 

Financial Information Form (A2) - will be available in the Fall 

Checklist (H) - will be available in the Fall 


When the application period is closed e-mail us and ask to be added to the P.N.A. Brooklyn, USA Scholarship mailing list.  Include information that clearly illustrates your  eligibility for this scholarship, for example:. I am a member of group #1903 of the PNA of Brooklyn.  I am an undergraduate sophomore of Polish descent. My GPA is 3.3.  

We will add your e-mail address to our notification list for one year.  Notification will be sent when the new application has posted and the scholarship application period has begun.  Please add [email protected] to your address book/white list/safe senders list to insure that the notification is not directed to your Spam folder. 


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