End of Year Appeal from KF President and Executive Director, Marek Skulimowski

As we approach the year's end, I invite you to join the Kosciuszko Foundation in spreading the gift of education to help individuals achieve their dreams of a better future. This holiday season, let's create a tale of the impact we can jointly make on the community, cultural understanding, and heritage preservation.

Your contributions were instrumental in fulfilling the KF’s mission this ending year. Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation awarded a record-breaking $2 million for education within the Polish American community. Your support also played a crucial role in our successful Teaching English in Poland program. With 67 American volunteers, we organized seven impactful summer camps across Poland, benefiting over 600 Polish and Ukrainian children. Additionally, we inaugurated two new KF Chapters, strengthening our presence in Florida and Michigan, connecting communities, and expanding our mission’s reach. Furthermore, in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the KF raised $1.8 million to support students, scholars, and orphans, preserving cultural heritage in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution Cultural Rescue Initiative.

Many KF program participants have shared that the Kosciuszko Foundation has changed their lives. Please consider designating the KF for your end-of-year donation and becoming a member to help us make a greater impact on the educational journeys of aspiring individuals. Your contribution advances our mission and may provide you with tax benefits. Also, please keep in mind that many employers offer matching gift programs, doubling the impact of your support.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions. I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season. May the collective strength of our community at the Kosciuszko Foundation continue to inspire positive change in the coming year.
Warm regards,
Marek Skulimowski
President and Executive Director


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