Lemkos and Ukrainians – A lecture by Prof. Jan Pisulinski

February 24, 2022, 12 PM ET

Lemkos and Ukrainians - A lecture by Prof. Jan Pisulinski

The webinar was presented by the Jagiellonian Law Society in cooperation with the Kosciuszko Foundation.

In 1947 the Polish communist regime brutally deported 30,000 Lemkos— a small ethnic group living in Poland, recognized as a part of the Ukrainian nation. This was done as a part of an operation code-named “Vistula”—a special operation of the Polish Army against the Ukrainian underground. In post-war communist Poland, it was forbidden to write or talk about the whole truth concerning the fate of the Lemkos. Only after the collapse of the communist regime, the Lemkos could openly speak of their injustice.


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Professor dr. hab. Jan Pisuliński is a Polish historian and currently an assistant professor at the University of Rzeszow. He is the chief of the Unit of the Recent History in the Institute of History at Rzeszow University. His main area of research is Polish-Ukrainian relations in the XX century. He is an author of over 60 scientific publications; among his recent publications are:

Nie tylko Petlura. Kwestia ukraińska w polskiej polityce zagranicznej w latach 1918-1923, Wrocław 2004 (Not only Petljura: The Ukrainian Question in Polish Foreign Policy, 1918-1923), Przesiedlenie ludności ukraińskiej z Polski do USRR w latach 1944-1947, Rzeszów 2009 (The Resettlement of the Ukrainian Population from Poland to the Soviet Ukraine, 1944-1947), Akcja Specjalna “Wisła,” Libra PL, Rzeszów, 2017 (Special Operation „Vistula”).

Professor Pisuliński is also an accomplished chess master and silver and bronze medal winner in the Polish national competition.

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