Insights into Novel Therapies and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, and the Possible Role of COVID-19 – A lecture by Thomas Wisniewski, MD

The KF Collegium of Eminent Scientists & PIASA invite you to the joint event featuring the presentation of the PIASA's Casimir Funk Natural Sciences Award to 
Thomas Wisniewski, MD, followed by his lecture:

Insights into Novel Therapies and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, and the Possible Role of COVID-19

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 4 PM

An in-person event at the Kosciuszko Foundation:
15 E 65th Street, New York, NY 10065

Dr. Thomas Wisniewski, a distinguished neuropathologist, Professor in the Departments of Neurology, Pathology and Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, will be speaking about his work related to Alzheimer’s disease, a devastating age related neurodegenerative disorder, that is the most common cause of dementia.

He will discuss studies conducted in his laboratory that describe molecular mechanism of formation and accumulation of amyloid plaques in the brain that lead to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease. Dr. Wisniewski’s lab developed active and passive immunization that specifically targets the components of amyloid plaques and the tests of this potential anti-Alzheimer vaccine in rodent and monkey models are encouraging. Dr. Wisniewski will also discuss possible mechanisms by which COVID infection may lead to similar dementia symptoms.

As the Alzheimer’s disease will exponentially rise in prevalence in the coming decades, there is a need for parallel development of early-stage detection and disease-modifying strategies, including vaccines for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Wisniewski’s work has helped to develop novel biomarkers and therapeutic approaches for treating Alzheimer’s disease, as well as means to stimulate innate immunity and improve patient’s health.

Dr. Wisniewski is also a Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Center for Cognitive Neurology and Center of Memory Evaluation and Treatment. There tests of memory and its loss over time are performed and trials of treatments for memory loss prevention are conducted.

Dr. Wisniewski has over 350 highly cited publications and 30 US patents.

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