VOLO PACEM – I Wish for Peace – Exhibition of Works by Oleh Denysenko & Alexander Denysenko

The Kosciuszko Foundation is pleased to host the exhibition VOLO PACEM - I Wish for Peace featuring works by Lviv-based Ukrainian artists recognized in Poland.

Who: Oleh Denysenko and Alexander Denysenko. Both artists will be present at the exhibit opening.

When: Friday, May 5, 2023, 7 PM

Where: The Kosciuszko Foundation: 15 E 65th Street, New York, NY 10065

Free and open to the public

The exhibit will be on view through September 4, 2023

Oleh Denysenko is best known for his intricate etchings…his recent works are rendered in a new technique he has created called “gessography”, combines the age-old methods of engraving with gesso and painting.

The New York Times on the world premiere of gessography in New York

This exhibition presents the creative journey of Oleh Denysenko through sculpture, printmaking, and painting to the invention of his unique artistic idiom, Gessography, created in collaboration with his son Alexander Denysenko.

See the story of gessography: https://www.antiqvitas-nova.art/


As far as its core subject matter, gessography is an epic story, told through the language of art, about the eternal struggle between good and evil. The world’s public recognizes these artworks as allegorical narratives of Ukraine’s brave resistance to Russia’s aggression, of the war that is not just a ‘conflict in Ukraine’ but a clash of light and darkness.

OLEH DENYSENKO is a Ukrainian artist of international renown, active in the Polish art scene since the 1990s. He is a holder of over thirty honors and distinctions received worldwide; a full member of the Academic Senate of the International Academy of Modern Art (Rome, Italy), and a Pollock Krasner Foundation Grantee (New York, USA). The core of Oleh Denysenko’s artistic genius consists of the recombination of classical themes, meticulous execution of details, and the invention of new techniques of artistic expression. Oleh Denysenko’s works feature in the collections of the Royal Academy of Arts (London), Royal Palace – Crownprincess Margareta Memorial Fund (Stockholm), Albrecht Dürer’s House (Nuremberg), and various other public and private art collections worldwide.

ALEXANDER DENYSENKO is a film director, art visionary, and co-author of Gessography. Alexander holds twenty-eight international awards; a student and assistant of Oscar-winning director Andrzej Wajda. With his projects, Alexander dares to challenge the status quo. His internationally awarded short Wonderwall is the world’s first film reshaping the theme of Chornobyl from an emotionally new point of view, without the stereotypical sense of fear and anxiety. Alexander views art as a key value in the life of a successful individual. Based on the experiences gained on his professional journey, Alexander realizes his ideals in creating the vision of a lifestyle of self-expression through art by tapping into the wisdom of bygone ages to gain inspiration for today’s achievements.


Charity is gessography’s essential component: Oleh and Alexander Denysenko are using their artistic voices to resist Russian aggression and support Ukraine’s fight for freedom. The artists joined the UCU Humanitarian aid program run by Ukrainian Catholic University. In cooperation with UCU, which raised over $3 million to date to cope with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Oleh, and Alexander Denysenko make their contribution by donating their artworks for fundraising purposes.

The motto of our exhibition – “I wish for peace” – is a reference to the perennial truth: “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”. Peacefulness includes the ability to stand up for one’s values. Ukrainians are a peaceful nation, but they never hesitate to defend their freedom. That is why a significant part of Oleh and Alexander Denysenko’s work is the charitable component and supplying the humanitarian needs of Ukraine.

The exhibition also features AETHER – Renaissance-inspired artistic attires for iPhone. Challenging the status quo, AETHER reunites fine and applied art, turning the iPhone into a display for authentic artworks. The artists create them by hand on wooden iPhone cases. They are just as authentic works of art as those on the gallery walls.

Part of the proceeds of the sales will go towards the KF Ukraine Fund for the humanitarian needs of war-torn Ukraine.

Featured image: “GOOD HUNT” – 71.5 cm x 47.3 cm; technique – gessography/ medium: wood, gesso, oil. This artwork alludes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is an allegory of free and independent Ukrainian people, the rightful owners of their land. 

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