The KF House

The Van Alen Mansion, one of New York City’s architectural treasures, became home of the Kosciuszko Foundation in 1945.

The building, designed by Harry Allan Jacobs was built in 1917 in the most affluent and desirable neighborhood in New York. Its prototype is located in St. James Square in London and was the childhood home of England’s late Queen Mother.

In 1920 it had been purchased for $275,000 to Rufus L. Patterson, the owner of American Machine & Foundry. After Patterson died in 1944, his widow, Margaret put the mansion up for sale the following year. The asking price was $250,000. Stephen Mizwa, the founder of the KF, explained that he wanted to buy the mansion for cultural purposes and bargained with Mrs. Patterson for six months. In an incredible act of charity, she lowered the price to $85,000. The foundation made a $10,000 down payment and mortgaged the rest thus becoming the third owner of the Van Alen Mansion. Over the next several years, Mrs. Patterson donated another $16,000 to the Kosciuszko Foundation to help pay off the mortgage.

In 1950, thanks to gift of Stanislaw Petera, a retired worker from General Electric, the Kosciuszko Foundation managed to pay off its mortgage. The same year, at the Foundation’s Silver Anniversary Dinner, KF President Dr. Henry Noble MacCracken (on a photo) burned the mortgage to the Kosciuszko Foundation House after it had been paid off.

Art Gallery

The Kosciuszko Foundation is fortunate to own an extensive collection of artwork, compiled over the years through the generosity of its members and donors. The Gallery of Polish Masters found its place in the second-floor salon. Imagine this room as an empty canvas, awaiting the whims of the next generation. The building itself can be considered the first significant piece of artwork in the Foundation’s collection. An architectural jewel box fitted with neoclassical accouterments, each room unfolding from the next subtly gracing the eye with new surprises.

Art Gallery Virtual Tour

The Art Gallery requires continuous restoration.
Please contribute to our Building and Art Restoration Fund
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Space rental

Located conveniently at the easily accessible and exclusive Upper East Side neighborhood, the elegant and intimate interior of the Foundation residence serves as the perfect backdrop for photo and video shoots. It provides a refined setting for a variety of events such as piano recitals and concerts, meetings or seminars, business conferences, art exhibitions, photo / video shoots and many more…

The four-story limestone house has a double-doored entrance, a grilled window and access to an American basement below sidewalk level. The second story’s Palladian window is framed by Corinthian pilasters and columns supporting a distinguished pediment with carved plaques above the flanking windows.

Inside, the impressive rotunda with decorative masonry is graced with a light but functional stairway that unifies the rooms of the town house in a unique manner. The first floor reception room adjoining the rotunda through double paneled doors can accommodate up to 100 guests for cocktails and buffet dining. Ornamental plasterwork adorns the dining room celling and oak-paneled walls provide the perfect background for 19th century paintings.

The upstairs salon, with the prefect architectural acoustics and 1865 Steinway Piano, makes for a charming music room that can also accommodate up to 100 people. Wood paneling around the room and innumerable canvases hanging on the walls keeps the acoustics tidy and provide a charming atmosphere.

The fully air-conditioned rooms available for rental include the rotunda, adjoining reception room and the upstairs salon with the Steinway piano. The building is equipped with a fully functioning pantry, kitchen, and elevator.

For the rentals availability, terms, prices and additional Information or to schedule an appointment, call or email us: 212.734.2130