Washington DC


The KFDC is looking for a part-time Assistant to the Center Director.

Job title: Assistant to the KF DC Center Director

Part time: $25 per hour (20-25 hours a week)

Trial Period: Three (3) months

Position description:

Works closely with the KFDC Director on planning, developing, organizing, and executing the cultural events, both in person and online. Helps with all administrative and facility related tasks.

Assists with the development efforts to gain new members and to fundraise.

Assists in shaping, managing, and driving the implementation of successful cultural strategies to support the Foundation’s mission. Helps in outreach and communication campaigns.

Drafts communication materials such as email blasts, social media posts, short articles, press releases.

September-December: actively participates in all tasks related to organizing and implementing the KFDC Annual Fundraising Gala.


The ideal candidate must

  • be fluent in Polish and English with great communication skills, both oral and writing
  • have excellent computer skills and be familiar with current tech solutions, including basic video editing and graphic design
  • be willing and be capable of learning new skills if needed
  • be flexible, creative, reliable, have strong planning and organizational skills
  • efficiently manage time, prioritize, and have ability to multitask
  • responsibly represent the organization and its mission

Interested candidates please send your resume and cover letter to: bbernhardt@thekf.org by Friday, June 30, 2023.

The Kosciuszko Foundation is dedicated to promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and increasing American understanding of Polish culture and history.